Original diagnostic tools

Porsсhe  (Piwis3) + PPN

JLR, Nissan, VW

America - Europe - Africa - Middle East - Asia - Australia 

Original diagnostic tools


Porsсhe  Piwis3

 JLR, Nissan, VW

America - Europe - Africa - Middle East - Asia - Australia 

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Porsche Piwis Tester III and Xentry VCI are the newest professional testers for Porsche and Mercedes, the most powerful diagnostic and offline programming tool.

You will get a full original diagnostic set with latest software. The package will include regular software updates, developer mode (very good option for additional functionality), support with navigation map conversion, unlimited license. Also we are constantly open for technical support.

Diagnostic tools


It coverages all new and old Vehicle models because we update the software regularly
Porsche Piwis 3 Tester

PIWIS3 coverage:

All OLD and NEW cars up to 2020:

We do 4 regular updates in a year. But you can do it whenever you want for example 1 time a year.

Piwis 3 also has:
1. Software version - the newest
2. Update Method - online
3. Developer mode - enabled

1. Diagnostics application
2. Guided fault finding (GFF)
3. Actual values/input signals functions
4. Drive links/tests function
5. Maintenance/repairs function group
6. Coding/programming function group
7. Logging
8. Filter
9. Wiring diagrams application

Piwis Tester III Packing List:
1. PIWIS III Tester CF-54 laptop
2. PT3G multiplexer
3. PT3G connection cable
4. WiFi module
5. Docking station
6. USB-Docking station cable
7. Porsche carrying case
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Porsche Piwis 3

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Our advantages:

Regular software updates

Latest software

Technical support

Navigation map conversion

Unlimited license

Developer mode

Рartnership system

Worldwide delivery